MoreYoga: How Much Yoga Is Too Much?

We’ve all got that one friend who will follow a Rocket class up with a handstand workshop in the same day (you know who you are), but sometimes it can be difficuly to know the limit.

Not enough yoga and you risk losing some of the progress you’ve made – too much and you risk putting yourself out of action for weeks with an injury. Here’s a simple guide to help you decide whether it’s time for the third class of the week or time to chill out.

Is your alignment still great?

Everyone is different so you won’t look exactly the same as everyone else, but are you getting the full benefit of each asana? If not, time to relax! Tiredness can lead to lowered body awareness – while you might feel like you’re smashing a forward fold, there’s not much point to each asana unless you’re engaged and aware.

Are you late to class?

The old saying that if you’re late to something, you probably don’t want to be there holds true for yoga classes too. Save yourself the stress – if you haven’t given yourself time to get to class, it could be subconscious telling you to rest. On the other hand, if you’re late because of a stressful work situation, you probably need yoga more than ever!

Do you feel sore?

This could go either way – yoga can relieve muscle tension and leave you feeling much more limber, but if you’re low on energy because of a previous workout, you could be more at risk of injury. Weigh it up – a few practise stretches before class will give you the answer!

The bottom line? Listen to your body!

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