MoreYoga: Self Care in Winter

Ok, so it’s only September – maybe we’re jumping the gun here but here at MoreYoga we know how important it is to safeguard your mental and physical wellbeing. Sometimes that can be a little more challenging when it’s dark and wet outside – with the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, what better time to lay down good habits for self-care?

Invest in layers

The more blankets, comfy hoodies and fluffy slippers you have available, the better. Don’t settle for the ratty old PJs you’ve been harbouring for years – getting into a fresh set of comfortable clothes after being out in the cold will feel phenomenal.

Get outside

“But it’s cold!” I hear you cry. Yes, it is. But we still need daylight to regulate our body clocks and we still need good old vitamin D from the sun (even if we can barely see it). Getting outside will make you feel much better in the long term and certainly makes all your fancy new blankets more enticing when you get home!

Drink water

It’s easy to forget to hydrate during winter when you don’t feel so warm, but make sure you are drinking just as much water as you need. The wind and cold weather may dry out your skin and being hydrated is one of the best ways to protect against this! If you’re really chilly, try decaffeinated fruity teas.


The stiffness that comes with being cold is alleviated by one thing – exercise! Create some heat in your body in yoga class or cardio fitness classes to improve circulation (which will lead to you feeling warmer when it’s cold) and you’ll notice that the aches and pains disappear.

Get warm at least once a day

However you choose to do it – just make sure that at least once a day you get to a temperature that is comfortable. Being cold constantly is emotionally wearing, so give yourself a break. Turn up the heating, have a hot bath or go for a long run. Just warm up!

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