MoreYoga:What are floats really like?

Hear us out on this one – we know that the idea of floating in salty water inside a pitch black tank for an hour sounds a little insane, but did you know that in can improve your mental and physical health drastically?

We tried out floating and this is what we have to say – we love floating! For those new to the floating game, read on for an honest account of what we experienced.

You might be nervous

Being trapped in a tank for an hour is enough to scare the bravest among us – until you realise that you can come out whenever you want, you can turn the light on whenever and you can even play music in the tank. Phew!

The staff were insanely helpful

Literally no detail was left out with regards to how the float would go – from how to get into the tank right down to how to use ear plugs to keep you ears from becoming waterlogged. No stone left unturned!

Hallucinations are a thing

This was the freaky bit. When you’re in the tank, you might hallucinate. No, you won’t have something akin to a bad acid trip, but you might see swirling colours, feel like you’re in space – some people have even heard music playing (or they accidentally pressed the music button, who knows).

Ridiculous relaxation

You will emerge from your pod feeling like you have attained nirvana and you will hold on to that feeling for a few days afterwards. When the angry tube commuters and slow tourists finally get under you skin again, book in another float and relax!

There’s a chill out room (and hairdryers)

With delicious chakra teas and just about every positivity book you can think of. And you’re allowed to stay as long as you like (within reason – no overnight stays).

So why not give it a go? Take a peek at Floatworks here to read more about the benefits of flotation tanks!

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